Our fantastic value 'Saturday Workshop' learning days are designed for you to select only the days and the subjects you wish to enjoy.
Our Saturday Workshops began with just a small group of keen enthusiasts in 2016. We are now in our eighth year and we are pleased to publish our dates and subjects for the next season beginning in February, 2024.
Please see below for the 2024 programme.
The programme format has changed slightly as David has now retired from both wedding and motorsport photography, allowing more time to cover landscape photography during the hopefully, better weather. We meet on Saturdays and usually twice a month. 
The individual workshops are held in our modern 'state of the art' photography studio in Colby.
We teach photography in a clear, concise and understandable manner and we guarantee your photography will improve dramatically.
 The steady pace ensures nobody is left behind and ample time is allowed for you to take notes.
Sessions run from 09:30 to 14:30 with a break for lunch.
Complimentary refreshments are available throughout all learning days, however your lunch is not included. 
Please check the dates regularly as these may change a little from time to time. Places are currently still available however they generally sell out fast. For more regular updates, please 'like' and visit our Facebook page by clicking on the button below:
Please note :
Our Saturday workshops are sometimes hugely over subscribed and we therefore add in further dates. Please contact us or follow our Facebook page here to stay right up to date with details of extra dates for the same course/workshop.

Our 2024 Saturday Workshop Dates ...
February 17thUnderstanding Your Camera Settings
Week 1       9:30am - 2:30pm        maximum of six persons.       £40 each
Be frightened no longer, my friends as we unravel the complicated jargon often associated with camera manuals. Designed for the absolute beginner with a DSLR or 'bridge' camera, this is an ideal day if Father Christmas has been kind to you. Learn in simple terms and exercises what each button, switch and setting is responsible for, and venture out with more confidence into the amazing world of digital photography. You will understand about finding the right exposure, how to compose you images and how automatic focus works.  Naturally, you will need to bring your camera.

March 2nd - Understanding Exposure, Focus & Composition
Week 2        9:30am - 2:30pm        maximum of six persons.       £40 each
Designed for those with a basic understanding of camera settings, we will clear the mystery surrounding ‘ISO’, ‘shutter speed’ and ‘aperture’ settings in the most simple and easy to remember manner. Learn the benefits and differences between manual and automatic focus and where and when to use them.  We also cover the art of building and composing your image to create more imaginative and satisfying results. You will understand how colour 'temperature' will affect your images and how to use it in a creative manner. If time allows we will cover understanding pixels, image size and 'noise'. This is a mostly ‘hands on’ session and you will need to bring your camera.
March 16th - Basic Studio Portraiture
Week 3       9:30am - 2:30pm        maximum of six persons.       £45 each
Aimed at those wanting to learn how to pose, light and photograph your subject. We simplify all aspects and show you how to produce excellent, creative results using just one or two studio lights or flash guns. This is very much a ‘hands on’ exercise using our remote trigger, on your camera, to ‘fire’ our own studio lights.  
A model will be provided.
April 6th - Adobe Photoshop® for Beginners
Week 4       9:30am - 2:30pm        maximum of six persons.       £40 each
Do you wish you could get more from your Photoshop, or even maybe understand the basics ?   We have the solution as we work you through the various popular tools within Adobe Photoshop.   Everyone in the small group will have the chance to bring along one or two problematic questions of their own, which we will help you with. This session is limited to just six persons and each will be asked to bring along two image files of their own for us to work with.
Providing there is sufficient interest, we will add a second day entitled 'Advanced Adobe Photoshop'

April 20th - Shooting with Flash ~ On and Off Camera
Week 5      9:30am - 2:30pm        maximum of six persons.       £45 each
In this session we clarify the settings necessary for good flash photography. We will venture into the exciting world of ‘off camera flash’. This will be both an indoor and outdoor session (weather permitting). If you have your own transmitter, receiver and flash unit, please bring them along. The transmitter will sit on the camera’s hot shoe and send a radio message to the receiver, which generally fits on the flash unit itself.   
A model will be provided

May 4th - iPhone Photography for Beginners
Week 6       9:30am - 2:30pm        maximum of six persons.       £45 each
In this 'hands on' session you will learn how to get the very best results from your Apple iPhone's camera. We will explain and advise the best apps and how to use them correctly to edit your images to a professional level. There will be a cost involved should you wish to purchase any recommended app and we will advise accordingly before you pay your deposit.
This is a new and exciting addition to our programme.
May 18th - Understanding Adobe Lightroom®
Week 7      9:30am - 2:30pm        maximum of six persons.       £45 each
We remove the common myths surrounding Photoshop versus Lightroom and show you how to get the very best from this underrated and amazing software package. You will learn how to select, organise and process your project files professionally, efficiently and much quicker. We show you how to add your own secure data to each image and safe, secure image file storage is also on today's agenda, before we advance to the various editing techniques available.  This is a subject David enjoys teaching at conventions and seminars around the world and because you will learn so much. This is David's favourite subject to teach.

June 15th - Landscape Photography One
Week 8       9:30am - 2:30pm+        maximum of six persons.       £45 each
In the first of our three Landscape days, we will be mostly studio bound as we teach the techniques, settings and theoretical elements of exciting landscape photography.
We will venture outside briefly to put your learning and settings to the test, before we venture further afield, next time. As an attendee to this day, you may enjoy a £5 discount from the following two landscape days.
(all three dates must be attended to qualify) 

June 29th - Landscape Photography Two
Week 9       9:30am - 2:30pm+        maximum of six persons.       £50 each
Today we venture out to a stunning local location or maybe two if time permits. Your learning from week 8 will be put to the test but with expert guidance from David. You will need a tripod. For our landscape days you will need transport to and from the location ~ we often team up into two or three small travelling groups and a cafe is generally incorporated at sometime.  Our landscape days fill very fast !

July 13th - Landscape Photography Three
Week 10       9:30am - 2:30pm+        maximum of six persons.       £65 each
In the final day of our landscape trilogy we return to the studio. You will be expected to bring along your favourite two or three files from Week 9's photography for us all to critique together ~ this is a great way of learning. You will select your own favourite image and learn how to accurately convey tones and colours from your computer screen to your printer. We will then expertly print your image to 20" x 16" and in full gloss finish, ready for you to mount and frame. This exciting class will definitely run over time, so please allow accordingly.

Please note that with all landscaped days, timings and dates may be adjusted to suit light or weather conditions and often at just 24 hours notice

General Notes:
You will need a notepad and a pen at all times. Please bring your camera, and secondary lenses and the instruction manual. Camera batteries should be fully charged and your memory card formatted (empty).  Tea, coffee, water and biscuits are provided in abundance but you may wish to bring a sandwich etc., as lunch is not included for. If you possess a digital light meter or a flash unit please bring them along. Should your session ask for digital images to be submitted, please forward these at least two days before to: learn@manxphotographytraining.im
These are 'pay as you go' options and you may choose whichever dates and subjects suit you best. 
You must secure payment before the day and if you cannot make the day for whatever reason, you may of course take a credit and switch to another day.
Please click on the logo below and 'Like' our facebook page as any unforeseen changes to the programme will be published there.
Should you wish to come along for an informal chat or if you have any specific queries about our winter workshops, please contact us here.