Learning for Earning   
'Learn to Earn' is a longer term programme of high quality, photography based education designed for the serious or professional, Island based photographer, who either intends to sell, or is selling their work.

Over time, you will become a more knowledgable, experienced and therefore confident photographer.

From month to month you will receive both theoretical and practical training to develop your skills as an 'all round' competent photographer.  

From this new found confidence you will have the ability to take on any photographic assignment.

Groups will be of a maximum of four persons.

Meetings will be every two months and consist of a full day of learning.
Within the weeks between meetings, you will be expected to practice skills and techniques from the previous session and print the results ready for advice and critique during the next meeting.​​​​​​​

Learning will include:
i)       Understanding and generating the best from your camera's capabilities.
ii)      Focus, Composition and Exposure simplified.
iii)     Understanding the importance of light and lighting in  photography.
iv)     Studio lighting, styling and posing.
v)      Balancing 'off camera flash' light with daylight.
vi)     Basic and Advanced Adobe Photoshop® techniques.
vii)    Processing, editing and storing your images using Adobe Lightroom®.
viii)   Identifying the good, the bad and the ugly amongst  social media platforms.
ix)    Shoot the night sky and discover long exposure filters.
x)     Understanding and defining advertising and marketing techniques. 
xi)    Building your own portfolio, website (yes, website !)  and social media platforms.
xii)   Coordinate your camera, computer and printer to  ensure you are reproducing the exact colours and tones your customers would expect.
xiii)   Presenting, mounting and framing your work.
xiv)   How to build and develop your photography business.
      and very much more ....

This is a great opportunity to learn, bond and have fun with other like-minded individuals.
Learning gains knowledge - with knowledge comes ability - with ability comes confidence. Combine all three and you can take on projects most photographers are fearful of.
If you are an 'online learner' have a wee think about my favourite quotation. It is quite relevant to photography and photographers:
Tell me and I will forget.
Teach me and I may remember.
Involve me and I will learn
~ Benjamin Franklin.

This is by far, the most professional and extensive photography training the Isle of Man has to offer and therefore a great opportunity to become not just a good photographer,
but an amazing photographer !

If you are excited by this opportunity and would like further details, please message David here or telephone him on 309209  for an informal chat.