Understanding your camera
Be frightened no longer, my friends as we unravel the complicated jargon often associated with camera manuals.    Learn in simple terms and exercises what each button, switch and setting is responsible for, and venture out with more confidence into the amazing world of digital photography.

These appointments are generally on a 'one to one' basis.   We will cover all of the important elements of your camera's 'menu' and adjust and set up according to your own personal, photography preferences. David will explain in simple terms all of the information you need and as always, a pen and notepad are a must.
Understanding Exposure, Focus & Composition
Discover the confidence to switch from ‘Auto’ to ‘Manual’ exposure with your camera.    Clear the mystery surrounding ‘ISO’, ‘shutter speed’ and ‘aperture’ settings in the most simple and easy to remember manner.    Learn the benefits and differences between manual and automatic focus and where and when to use them.    We also cover the art of building and composing your image to create more satisfying results.    
Please contact David here for further details and pricing options.
David is proud of his own working camera collection.  An array of beautiful machinery that has served him well for many a year.