Commencing late February 2024, our next photography beginner's course will run for eight Saturday sessions over eight months.
We recommend an early booking as these spots usually sell out very quickly. 
We consider this to be the finest, most economical and most comprehensive, long term route for a novice to gain the absolute finest results from their camera.
Our beginner's course for 2024 season will be even bigger and better value for money.
This exciting course is a longer term programme of high quality, photography based education, designed for the Island based enthusiast who is looking to learn much more about their camera and photography in general.​​​​​​​
Over time, you will become a more knowledgable, experienced and therefore confident photographer.
From month to month you will receive both theoretical and practical training elements to gradually develop your talent as a photographer.  
From these newly discovered skills and confidence you will have the ability to take on any photographic project.
Within the weeks between meetings, you will be expected to practice skills and techniques from the previous session and have the results ready for advice and critique during the next meeting.
There will also be an optional, hour long '' meeting of each group to discuss progress and I will answer any queries you may have.
This will be during the evening time and about half way between the Saturday sessions.
Each month, on an agreed Saturday, we will educate you in:

i)   how to understand how your camera works.
ii)   understanding and discovering the correct 'exposure' for your images.
iii)   the advantages of both automatic and manual settings on your camera.
iv)   how to compose your images.
v)   understanding and using the various focus options.
vi)   how to photograph moving subjects.
vii)   how to use the flash on your camera.
viii)   how to capture amazing landscapes.
ix)   how to photograph your family and friends.
x)   how to edit your images and add effects etc.
xi)   understanding and identifying different light sources.
xii)   how to build a social media platform and share your fabulous images on a professional basis.

A deposit payment of 35% of the total course cost will secure your place.
Further payments may be spread over three months and will begin just before our second monthly date.

If you are serious about learning, this is the course for you.
This is quality, friendly learning at an economical cost.

Why am I doing this ?
As a full time, professional photographer, I still enjoy capturing customer’s images today, as I did forty+ years ago.
However, one day very soon I will choose to retire …
I would like to pass on my experience, knowledge and capabilities on to others with this same great passion for photography.

If you are unsure of your trainer’s credentials, you may check them out here.

Class size will be strictly limited to just six persons. Over subscription will simply add a second group to the programme.

Where and When
All sessions will take place in our modern, 'state of the art', fully equipped studio in Colby. Weather permitting, we will venture out to test our newfound skills.

Our days begin at 09:30 and end at 15:00.
We break for lunch as and when requested by our delegates.
Copious amounts of tea, coffee, biscuits etc. are provided in our new 'cafe' area and delegates simply help themselves.  Lunch is not provided however facilities are available to relax and enjoy your own delights.
Dates and Pricing
All dates are to be confirmed however the dates will probably be the middle Saturday of each month, commencing late February, 2024.

The cost of the complete course will equal £ 680
and a deposit of 35% is required before we begin, to secure your place.
You may spread the cost over three further payments if you wish.  A deposit of £236 will be due before March 1st, 2024 and three further payments of £148 will fall due in early April May and June. 

The support, laughter and camaraderie generated within the various educational groups is most satisfying, equally so, are the new friendships created within the delegates.
However, the most enjoyment is found in monitoring the vast improvement in the photography of our customers.

Please message us here if you are serious about learning how to become an amazing, 'all round' photographer.
If you are unsure, pop in to the studio and enjoy a 
no obligation chat over a cuppa ~ You may even bring along a few images for us to discuss and I will advise accordingly.
The studio is (almost) always open .

Thank you for listening and we look forward to hearing from you soon.