Do you have a budding photographer in the family ?
Are they bored in the summer holidays ?
Does Mum or Dad need a break for one day every week ?
We have the solution ...
Naturally, your first thoughts are for the wellbeing of your child or children.
David has references he will gladly supply to you.
He can put you in touch with other parents of children within his responsibility.
David was ten years at King William's College and surpassed all expectations of the Government's CRB check, relative to the safety of him working alongside children.
David has a current CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate with no endorsements.

Should we venture out, David's minibus is fully insured and registered for commercial, 'Private Hire' use and our photography business is also fully insured.
You are most welcome to pop by the studio as all certification is available for you to view.
Please message us here if, as a parent or guardian, you wish to know more.
If you are at all unsure, pop in to the studio and enjoy a 
no obligation chat over a cuppa 
The studio is (almost) always open .

Thank you for listening and we look forward to hearing from you.

David's minibus, pictured here with grown ups (allegedly).